tturner Curvy Ever After

“Many boys and men had looked at her with lust in their eyes but under her mother’s watchful eye, she was never able to get close to anyone.”

From Curvy Ever After by Twyla Turner


” ‘Tell me, Apollo. Can you still be with a woman? Lie with her, I mean?’ Jazz asked innocently.”

From Curvy Ever After by Twyla Turner

tturner StarStruck cover

“Sunny’s life seemed to play out like a romantic comedy, minus the romantic part.  She hadn’t been on a date in four years.  ”

From Star-Struck by Twyla Turner

tturner Awestruck cover

“Sunny had fallen into a depression so deep, she didn’t see a way out.  Things had already been spiraling out of her control before the accident.  But now her life had crashed and burned.”

From Awe-Struck by Twyla Turner

tturner Scarred cover

“Through all the pain, she remained quiet, silent tears running down her face. She knew if she fought back, if she screamed and sobbed, he’d only get off on it and hit her some more. ”

From Scarred by Twyla Turner

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tturner Open Wounds cover

“You think you can run off and I won’t find you and drag your ass back here by your fucking hair?! I’d rather see you dead before I let you walk away from me. You’re mine, do you hear me?!”

From Open Wounds by Twyla Turner

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tturner Healed cover

” It was the one thing that he had promised her, that he would never hurt her, that she could trust him. And whether it was an accident or not, he had broken that promise.”

From Healed by Twyla Turner

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tturner Three cover

“… now she was thinking of two. She thought she must be out of her mind. She had no idea what to even do with the two big men. ”

From Thr3e by Twyla Turner

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tturner Love In The Wild cover

“Love started to hyperventilate, as she watched the cats in mid-stride stand upright and continue walking towards her as they took the shape of two very real and very naked men. ”

From Love In The Wild by Twyla Turner

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