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Bridge The Gap With Readers

TELL YOUR OWN STORY to the public.  

Image postings are great, but they cannot speak for you.  

Something special happens when readers feel like they know the author.  A relationship starts.  Everyone knows that we buy on relationship and connection.  

Video is the next best thing to being there in person!  It is all about you–your brand, your message, your words.

Share A Lot, Get A Lot of Views

MAKE YOUR OWN CONNECTION with us.  Reviews are great, but they tell us what other people think about you.  That can be really scary for an author!

Only you know the “why” behind your writing.  Honestly, readers want to hear what you have to say.  Stars and reviews are fine, but you speaking directly to us is better.

We do not ask the “standard” questions!  We drill down on what is special about you and your book.  We are looking for that “thing” that makes you and the reader go, “Aha!”  We have fun doing it too.

There are more than 5,000,000 ebooks on Amazon!  How are you competing against that?!  REGISTER TODAY >

Responses and Connections–

That Is What We Accomplish For You


GETTING STARTED is easy!  REGISTER and we will contact you quickly.  We have crafted a very personal experience that starts with a conversation.  There are no “standard” questions for the interview.  This is all about you and your work.  If you are shy about doing video, have no worries.  We will get you ready and make this a most positive experience.

YOU WILL NEED a camera (webcam, cell phone) to record your feed, good lighting and sound.

WE WILL NEED a copy of your book to read, an image of your book cover and a picture of you.  (We will provide an email address for delivery.)

Our Guarantees:

  1. Minimum 15 minute interview
  2. Five separate videos upon completion
  3. Two video promos upon completion
  4. An author page on TheAuthory.Club
  5. Coverage on our Facebook and Twitter pages
  6. You will have rights to the completed video in conjunction with The Authory Club.  You will be permitted to upload the videos to your pages.
  7. We are solely responsible for the creative decisions from start to finish
  8. Completed project approx. 14 business days after our receipt of a copy of your book

Two great things to keep in mind:

  1. The quality of your video feed is solely dependent on your lighting, sound and recording device quality.  We primarily use Google Hangouts to conduct interviews.
  2. The effectiveness of your videos (response rate) is very much dependent on your use of your completed videos.  Your sharing, posting and uploading will make this count.  
  3. We offer no performance or result guarantees.  A fully executed Video/Digital Release is required.  (We will provide the release.)