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LIVE 2017 Policies

LIVE Events are a production of The Authory Club, LLC (TAC).  We are not affiliated with BookCon, Southern Heritage Festival of books, Mississippi Book Festival, or any other company.  We only reserve booth space at these events.

TAC reserves the right to change events at our sole discretion for what we deem are comparable events.

All payments are processed via PayPal.  Your registration is complete once your full payment is received.

Invoices for installment payments are due upon receipt.  If payment is not made within five (5) days of due date, you will forfeit your reserved space and any monies paid up to that point.  Please see Refunds/Cancellations Policy.

TAC reserves the right to change payment processing services.

All payments (full/installments) are nonrefundable and noncancellable.  

We begin fulfilling your service request immediately upon receiving your first payment.  We would be unable to determine what portion of your payment could be refunded.

Please follow all deadlines for payments, book and artwork receipts, and all other requests made by TAC to facilitate a successful event for you.

We make no guarantees regarding booth traffic, views, sales, or any other outcomes resulting from your participation in the event(s) with us, at any time during or after the event.

All genres are welcome in our displays.  However, if we deem a book cover to be sexually explicit then we will cover the explicit portion or choose not to display the cover full-face (spine-first instead).

We reserve the right to decline to display any book for any reason at our sole discretion.

People of all ages will be attending the event, and we want to be sensitive to attendees under the age of 18.

If you are attending an event with us, you must abide by all event/facility rules.  We ask that you are respectful of the other authors, TAC staff and all event attendees.

Authors in attendance are not employees, vendors or contractors of TAC.  They have no legal or contractual designation or relationship with TAC.  They are paying us for a service only.

Design, production, placement and all other organizational and creative decisions regarding all pre-event, event and post-event activities are at TAC’s sole discretion.

A release form is required with all artwork.

All artwork must be in by the deadline.  A release form must be signed and returned upon your first payment.

You are responsible for providing artwork that is in accordance with the posted file size and type specifications.  We assume that the artwork provided by you belongs to you.  We assume no liability for any claims that may be made by third parties regarding any artwork submitted to us by you.

TAC will not return any undistributed books.  Any giveaways will be solely at our discretion.  We will not engage in the selling of your books nor provide information to assist you with selling your books.

The manner of display is solely at our discretion.

Please see our Modesty Policy for covers with sexual images.

You solely are responsible for the shipping of your books, and ensuring that they arrive on time and safely.  We assume no liability for any losses incurred by you during shipping.

If you are attending the event with us, you may bring your books with you or ship them to us by the deadline.  Copies above the maximum will not be permitted because of space.

A TAC release form must be signed to participate in the Digital Package.  We routinely use our authors’ images for promotional purposes for The Authory Club, LLC at our sole discretion.  

Scheduling and production are at TAC’s sole discretion.  We may or may not be able to accommodate schedule preferences.

Images and videos of the events are a mix of TAC and third party material.  Only TAC images and videos are meant to represent TAC.

TAC reserves the right to modify, delete and add terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.  Any updates will be posted on our website only.

Deadlines are subject to change at our discretion.