Debbie Civil

DC cover5

“I wanted to shout, punch someone, and maybe rip out Cora’s pretty red hair.  I glanced over at Daisy’s locker and saw the same word spray painted on it. ‘Slut!’ ”

From Touched by Debbie Civil

DC cover4

“The scent of his cologne is filling my nose. I miss him. The realization makes my resolve build. Adams Smith doesn’t deserve to be missed. Not after what he put me through. ”

From Escape by Debbie Civil

DC cover2

” ‘Did you help Adam Smith plan it?’ The room suddenly goes silent. Miss Penny glances over to us and shakes her head at me. The message comes through loud and clear. I’m not supposed to respond. ”

From Salvage by Debbie Civil

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DC cover3

” ‘Danny told me that you wanted your first kiss to be with  Dom. I apologize that being with him will never happen.’ I expect the pain to engulf me, but it doesn’t. I giggle.”

From Confide by Debbie Civil

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DC cover1

“Since there were no eyes on me, I crouched down and grabbed the knife, intending on using it if I had to. Whatever it took, I was getting out of there alive.”

From The Hunter by Debbie Civil

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