Display Option > Display Only

Display Only
The perfect option if you cannot attend the event.  We work overtime as your representative.  Learn More >

Attractive glass display case reminiscent of a bookstore.  The case faces the aisle of traffic to catch the eyes of event-goers.  Book fans browse the shelves and choose their free selections to take home with them.  We enthusiastically direct event-goers around the display case to give all of our authors exposure.

(All books are giveaways with the Display Only option.)

  • Two display days
  • Up to three titles
  • One copy full-faced at all times
  • QR Code affixed near cover
  • Additional copies positioned behind display copy
  • Easily seen and accessible by event-goers
  • Full page feature on TheAuthory.Club

$184  Registration

Through May 1, 2017

Please read Guidelines and Details before registering.

Display Option > Attend & Display

Attend & Display
Meet.  Sell.  Sign.  Share our booth for two whole days. Your own display table.  Learn More >

We take care of everything at the event.  Just bring your books and a lot of energy and smiles!

Your books are arranged on your own display table to catch the eyes of event-goers.  We reserve space for your image on our tall banner to excite book fans. You are welcome to sell your books with this option.  Take pictures with your new book friends for your social media pages.  Just have a blast and work the crowd!  You are a part of the group, and we are there to support you every second.

(Giveaways are big hits and highly recommended in conjunction with selling.)

  • Two display days
  • Up to 100 books
  • Your own display table
  • Space on our attractive glass display case
  • Reserved space on our banner
  • Easily seen and accessible by event-goers
  • Full page feature in our event booklet and on TheAuthory.Club

$595  Early Registration

Through March 20, 2017

Please read Guidelines and Details before registering.

About BookCon
A premiere, annual book event.  The big publishers bring their books.  Owned by the New York Comic Con company, reedPOP.

BookCon 2016 Highlights

Our Booth Space


What’s the big deal about an event like BookCon?  Well, the reason that we take authors is because the big publishers take their authors’ books.  Why should you not have the same opportunity?  We do what makes sense to successful people.  Last year, we had a steady stream of event-goers visiting our booth.  They enjoyed the variety of genres, the easy to see covers, and the giveaways.

The book fans were enthused about the twenty authors that we represented. There is nothing like having a representative who is excited about your work, and working overtime to share your books with a crowd like the one at BookCon.  The crowd was super, and we were thrilled to represent our authors at BookCon 2016.  We will give 100% to our 2017 group too!